Max Fried Q&A: On Cole Hamels, goals for the 2020 season

Braves pitcher Max Fried spoke with local media at Saturday's Chop Fest, discussing his offseason and the team's motivation with spring training weeks away.

Here are some of the topics Fried covered:

Q: Looking back, what were your thoughts on the way the 2019 season ended?

A: Obviously last year didn't finish the way we wanted, and I think we're all extremely motivated this year. ... I think any time you don't reach your goal, that gives you motivation to want it even more.

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Q: What were your thoughts on what you accomplished in the 2019 season? (17-6 record, 173 strikeouts in 165-2/3 innings)

A: When you're going through it, you don't have any kind of perspective or anything to compare it to, so you kind of going by the seat of your pants. But once you really take a step back, dissect it and take it all in, it was really nice, really fun. But definitely there's a lot I want to learn from and grow.

Q: What are your thoughts on the signing of Cole Hamels?

A: Extremely excited. He's most frequently the person I get compared to, skinny left-hander. ... Everything I've heard he's obviously an extremely hard worker, extremely dedicated and obviously has been successful for a very long time.

Q: Do you have any specific individual goals for the season?

A: My mindset is to really try and keep it simple and every single time I go out there, I want to put us in the best chance to win a ballgame. And to go out there and win as many ballgames as possible.

Q: What are your thoughts about the team adding proven arms to the bullpen?

A: For me it's all about doing what I can to help us win, but obviously things don't always go as planned. But if you're able to have some really solid guys (in the bullpen) and people that are reliable and can keep you up when you're not doing well, it's exciting to know they are out there.