Braves: Jonny Gomes on end losing streak

Braves quotes after victory over Rockies

Braves quotes after 5-3 victory over the Rockies Monday at Turner Field.


On the game

“Julio (Teheran) pitched good, Jonny Gomes did a nice job. He got three RBIs. Michael Bourn made that throw to get the guy out, (Christian Bethancourt) with a nice tag. Good baseball game.”

On Teheran making two mistakes

“Against left-handers. Both of them were 1-2 counts, one was a fastball, one was a slider. (Charlie) Blackmon and (Ben) Paulsen both hit it out of the ballpark. That’s one reason I didn’t want him to face Blackmon again in the eighth inning. I think he had done his job, too, at that point. It was nice to get a win. It seemed like a long, long time. Seven games is a long time to get a win. It was nice. Hopefully we can get rolling here at home and get some more victories.”

On Teheran limiting damage

He’s been able to do that when he’s been successful, he’s been able to limit the damage and give up just one run. Today might have been one of those days.


On the win

“At this point, a win is a win. You can’t lose the value of slapping hands with each other when the game is over. That’s what it’s all about. With that being said, your starting pitcher pitches into the eighth (it’s) a good opportunity. It seemed like he was on the same page with Christian.”

On his long home run

“The old Hank Aaron saying, ‘It’s how many, not how far.’”

On answering in the bottom of the inning

“It takes two. It takes Julio to settle down, and us to answer. They got on the board first and we were able to scratch that right in the bottom. We stayed ahead the rest of the way and Julio drove the bus for us.”

On adding to the lead

Two-out RBI by (Nick) Markakis, Freddie Freeman getting the runner from second to third, allowing me to get that RBI. Good all the way around.

On getting a big hit, then Michael Bourn making a big defensive play

“That’s it. That’s the blueprint these days with platoon. We showed both sides of it today.”


On being happy to be home

“Yeah, we are happy. We know how we do at home. Every time we do well. We start really good today.”

On his outing

“Everything was working today. I made two mistakes early in the game. I settled in and everything was working today.”

On settling down after the home runs

“I was trying to not let the homers affect me and just concentrate on the next hitter. Even after they tied the game with the other homer, I just tried to stay focused on the game.”

On not having big innings

“I’ve been trying to throw a strike. Whenever you throw strikes, you have quick innings. You make the hitters swing the bat. That’s what I’ve been doing. That’s the difference.”

On reuniting with Bethancourt

It was a little weird in the beginning because we haven’t throw in a while. We got on the same page like always. It’s nice to have him back here.

On Bourn throwing out Blackmon at the plate

“We got in a little bit of trouble and that was a big play.”

On Gomes getting the lead back with a homer

“That was big. Whenever you get the lead that’s when you feel more comfortable and more confident. Even when they tied the game in the second inning, I was concentrating and really focused and I knew they were going to give the lead back to me.”