5 questions with NBA draft prospect Patrick Williams

As a freshman at Florida State, Patrick Williams did a little bit of everything on offense and provided a consistent presence on defense.

Williams averaged 9.2 points and four rebounds, had a team-high 1.1 blocks and shot a team-high 83.8% from the line (playing 22.2 minutes per game), and his versatility on offense and ability to switch coverages effectively on defense make him an appealing prospect in an increasingly positionless NBA. He’s projected as a mid-to-late lottery pick, so acquiring him likely would involve a trade down for the Hawks, but he could certainly help the team’s defense and provide meaningful depth at a handful of positions in one fell swoop.

Williams declined to say which teams he has worked out for or interviewed with.

Williams addressed the media Thursday and the following was collected from that interview.

Height/weight/age/position: 6-8/225/19/F

… On his biggest strength and what distinguishes him: “I would definitely say versatility. Just being able to play different positions and make plays at different positions. I think in today’s NBA, you might have Draymond Green at the 4, you might have Andre Iguodala at the 4. I think we saw it a lot with the Miami Heat in the playoffs, you had pretty much all guards on the floor and being able to switch everything and guard every position and kind of play every position on the offensive end kind of helps each and every team. So I think that’s one of my biggest strengths at 6-8, 6-9, 230 pounds, being able to do everything is one of my biggest strengths.”

… On his development and what he tells teams about his potential: “For one, it’s not a secret that every rookie coming into this draft has things to work on, every rookie coming into this draft has room to grow. So I don’t really look at that too much. I don’t really look at the word potential too much just because I know everybody has potential. It’s going to be dependent on who maximizes that potential. So for sure just being able to show that I can do so many different things on the court, guard 1-4, play 1-4, 1-5 at times, so just positionless ability and positionless playmaking, that’s kind of been what we’ve been pushing and that’s kind of what we’e been showing through clips at Florida State.”

… On what parts of his game he’s been working on during the predraft process: “Just everything, really, from NBA schemes to terminology to getting my shot off quicker, getting to my pocket quicker and then for sure just being able to do everything. I think I’ve kind of marketed myself as a guy who can do everything, so just making sure that everything is tightened up, my offensive game is tightened up, but then also staying on top of my defensive game, trying to guard the best people that come in the gym each and every time, so just been sharpening everything, I would say.”

… On how he’d fit in on an NBA team: “The type of player that I am, I just want to come in and contribute… I think the way I play, I can fit into any system, and the mindset is not to come in and be entitled to anything, it’s just to come in and work my way up. Just come in and do whatever I can to help the organization. For the most part, that’s just been the focus, is being able to come in and contribute in any way I can.”

… On what he hopes to achieve in the NBA: “I would just say being successful, just being able to help the team, I would say. I’m not really coming in looking for other accolades or Rookie of the Year or things like that, but just come in and contribute and take care of my part and do my role, whatever that role may be. And I know if I do that role like I can, to the best of my ability, accolades and things like that will end up coming and taking care of themselves. So for sure, championships, for sure, I want to win championships and I want to be able to contribute and leave my mark on any organization that I join, but for sure I would just say coming in and contributing and doing the little things and the big things will take care of themselves.”

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