Official: Falcons’ Grady Jarrett ‘unnecessarily’ threw Brady to the ground

TAMPA -- Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jarrett was called for unnecessary roughness on a key drive in the fourth quarter of the 21-15 loss to the Buccaneers on Sunday. The penatly, on a third down sack of quarterback Tom Brady, extended a Buccaneers drive and enabled them to eventually run out the clock for the victory.

A pool report from the officials was requested and Greg Auman, of The Athletic, interviewed referee Jerome Boger after the game.

Here’s the interview:

Q: There was a third down penalty where the Falcons had a roughing the passer called after sacking Tom Bray that extended the drive. Just for clarification on what constituted that rough the passer?

Boger: What I had was the defender grabbed the quarterback while he was still in the pocket, and unnecessarily throwing him to the ground. That is what I was making my decision based upon.

Q: That play was similar to the play (that) injured Miami’s quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Is that something you have made a specific measure to try to watch out for -- the takedowns on quarterbacks like that?

Boger: No, not necessarily.

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