Falcons’ Kyle Pitts has brace or a glove on right hand

SEATTLE -- Falcons tight end Kyle Pitts, who’s not been listed on the injury report, appeared in a team video with a contraption and a pad on his right hand.

The team said it was a glove.

Dr. David Chao, of Sports Injury Central, reviewed the video and concluded that is was a velcro brace over a glove.

“Base on thumb spica (cast) type support, yes (it’s a brace),” Chao wrote in a text to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Any word of injury? Good eye.”

There has been no report of an injury.

“Looks like thumb sprain,” Chao wrote. “Should be able to catch still.”

Sports Injury Central, which features Chao, provides injury analysis from head team doctors with decades of experience in NFL, NBA and MLB.

Pitts has four catches for 38 yards in two games and has been heavily covered by the opposition. The brace/glove may help to explain why he hasn’t been heavily targeted.

He had seven targets against the Saints and caught two passes for 19 yards. He was targeted four times (including a target when he drew a pass interference) and caught two passes for 19 yards in the 31-27 loss to the Rams.