What makes heart doctors tick? Emory University’s candid new series

Emory University’s new “Heart to Heart” video series offers a candid glimpse into the minds of Atlanta’s cardiovascular doctors. It’s a series the university said highlights what makes its hospitals’ care so high class.

“To capture the humanity that makes this place so special, we decided to try something new,” Emory University reported. “What would happen if we invited 12 accomplished team members to interview each other on camera in pairs — and just let the cameras roll, letting their back-and-forth go where it may?

“What resulted is a collection of 16 free-flowing, fascinating, and substantive conversations between cardiothoracic surgeons, preventive cardiologists, sports medicine physicians and others. These in-depth dialogues covered more ground than we ever could have imagined, providing insight and more than a few laughs.”

Emory hospitals earned top rankings for heart health this year. Healthgrades ranked Emory University Hospital as the third best facility for cardiac care in Georgia for 2024. The university’s Midtown facility was ranked as the second best in the state for both cardiac care and the field of cardiology as a whole. Emory Johns Creek was ranked as the fourth best.

To explore what makes its heart doctors tick, the “Heart to Heart” series covered a variety of topics, ranging from “The Power of Patient-Centered Care” to “There’s Nothing Like an Aortic Emergency.” The episodes can be found here.

“Discover, through the personal recollections below, why our doctors chose cardiology,” Emory University reported. “What they’re proudest of. What they wish they’d known when they started. The best and worst advice they ever received, how they’ve learned to live with ambiguity, and how they connect with patients and families on a personal level.”

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