This hospital is offering night nurses $30,000 sign-on bonuses

The Colorado hospital is coping with a rapidly growing community

Centennial, Colorado’s St. Elizabeth Hospital is offering $30,000 sign-on bonuses for night nurses, according to The Fort Morgan Times. The sign-on bonus, however, is predicated on a two-year commitment to the hospital. All the same, it’s a hefty bonus designed to pull in serious specialist talent.

“There are a lot of things we’re planning to do to bring those specialists here,” hospital CEO Josh Neff told The Fort Morgan Times. “Fort Morgan is actually one of the few communities like our size in all of Colorado that actually has significant growth and growth projections over the next five to 10 years. It’s a great thing for us. We can’t afford for our surrounding communities to suffer. So it’s our role as a healthcare provider, as well as an economic driver, to make sure we’re keeping their communities healthy. Not blood pressure healthy, but economically healthy.”

A $1.7 million investment made last August also increased base pay for many hospital associates by 15% to 20%. Those same associates are also receiving better benefits, which range from childcare to student loan reimbursement. The hospital’s search for cardiology, urology and other specialists comes shortly after the opening of the establishment’s previously shuttered intensive care unit.

Centura Health announced the acquisition of St. Elizabeth Hospital in May 2022.

“Health and health care are better where we are, and by joining with the more than 800 compassionate caregivers at St. Elizabeth in Fort Morgan and St. Catherine in Dodge City hospitals, we are building on our commitment to build whole person care and flourishing communities,” Peter D. Banko, president and CEO of Centura Health, said in a press release. “I want to personally welcome the newest members of our Centura community and look forward to working with them with both passion and purpose.”

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