Piedmont will ‘dream big’ for Columbus’ new children’s hospital

Last week, Piedmont Columbus Regional announced plans to create a freestanding children’s hospital in the heart of Columbus. The former Doctors Hospital on the Piedmont Columbus Regional Midtown campus will become the Bill and Olivia Amos Children’s Hospital, a show of appreciation for a generous donation from the Bettye and Cecil Cheves family.

“The need for quality health care for the children in Columbus and the surrounding counties affects all of us,” the Cheves family told Piedmont. “Our family has had several experiences over the years where our children and grandchildren had to go to Atlanta and elsewhere because the medical services they needed were not available in Columbus. We’re pleased to help bring quality and comprehensive health care for children in our community.”

Renovations to the facility will begin in August, with the 30-bed children’s hospital expected to open in fall 2024. The hospital will feature a pediatric inpatient unit, a pediatric intensive care unit and a pediatric intermediate care unit. Plans are also in place to take advantage of additional spaces inside the facility as “pediatric services are consolidated to deliver a comprehensive facility dedicated to caring for children in our area.”

“We are blessed to have extraordinary local pediatricians and pediatric specialists that currently work within our children’s hospital and we are looking forward to growing to address the ongoing needs of our community,” Piedmont Columbus Regional CEO Scott Hill said in a press release. “The Bill and Olivia Amos Children’s Hospital will create a destination pediatric healthcare facility for our region and bring multiple specialty programs and clinics under one roof.”

The hospital is also set to feature an activity room, laundry facilities, a food pantry, room service dining and an outdoor playground.

“The Cheves family’s generosity is making it possible for us to dream big in caring for our youngest patients,” Piedmont Columbus Regional Foundation executive director Aline Lasseter said in a press release. “We’re aspiring to achieve $20 million in community donations to make this dream become a reality.”