Nurse publishes children’s book on the magic of organ donation

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English intensive care nurse Mark Ainscough is the author of “Freddie and the Magic Heart,” a charming children’s book that tackles a difficult subject — organ donation.

“Freddie finds out, with the help of his dad, how organ donation, can bring some good from the bad,” Ainscough’s story description reads. “Join Freddie and his dad as they discover how organ donation can make something special happen when someone loses a loved one.”

To send copies of his book to hospitals across England, Ainscough has launched a crowd funding page where supporters can help him raise money. On June 13 of last year, the health care hero raised the funds necessary to hit his target goal — £2,616.

“Often, people don’t think too much about organ donation until they are confronted with it in terrible circumstances,” Ainscough told Wigan Today. “I tried to imagine how hard it would be to communicate this to a child and felt that it would be beneficial to have a children’s book that was engaging and fun to read about organ donation.”

Vikki Lloyd, specialist nurse for organ donation for NHS Blood and Transplant, encouraged the talented intensive care nurse to crowd fund the project.

“Intensive care units can be a very daunting place for young children, and it is often difficult to explain to them what is happening in a way that they would understand,” Lloyd told Wigan Today. “Mark’s book does just that. It’s an amazing idea and not only will it provide invaluable support to children in that situation, but it will also help raise awareness of organ donation in the younger generation.”