Face yoga is the latest anti-aging trend, but does it really work?

Even the former Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, uses this technique sometimes

From Hannibal Lecter facials to freezing your face in ice, you never know what you’ll get from beauty secrets on TikTok.

The #FaceYoga hashtag — on posts that show users the alleged benefits of specific facial movements that could make you look younger — has more than 3 billion views on TikTok.

The practice was a beauty secret for decades and recently came to light on social media. During a 2014 interview with Birchbox and reported by Harper’s Bazaar, the former Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, credited her sculpted cheeks and jawline to face yoga; she admitted it also helps beat jet lag.

“I swear it works, as silly as you may feel. On the days I do it, my cheekbones and jawline are way more sculpted,” she said.

Just like any other form of physical exercise that requires the recruitment of muscles, some face yoga exercises can help reduce the appearance of a double chin and increase lymphatic drainage to minimize puffiness. According to Health, it could also help reduce eye strain.

“Face yoga helps to lift and firm the muscles under the skin, which smooths lines and wrinkles. Massage helps to boost circulation, improve lymphatic drainage, and release tension,” Danielle Collins, the founder of Danielle Collins’ Face Yoga, told Healthline.

A 2018 study revealed facial exercises can improve mental health in older adults when done 30 minutes a day, two times a week. Not only do experts say face yoga can do wonders for a youthful glow and appearance, but it also can help with sleep.

“Acupressure techniques boost circulation and relieve stress, which can aid in preventing headaches, releasing sinuses, and enhancing the quality of your sleep,” Collins said.

According to WebMD, a few benefits of the routine are diminishing wrinkles and eye circles, enhancing face muscles and reducing sagging. So, is face yoga an “end all be all” treatment for looking and feeling younger and having healthier skin?

To maximize the efforts of the practice, Sabina Wizemann, a senior chemist at Beauty Lab, told Good Housekeeping you could see results withing five months if you do the exercises for 30 minutes a day. This trend is a great way to start taking control over anti-aging remedies, however, it might not work for everyone.

“Massage without muscle contraction may not help with muscle tone; however, you may still see improvement due to lymphatic drainage,” Michelle Henry, MD, founder and dermatologist at Skin and Aesthetic Surgery of Manhattan, told Verywell Health. “Long-lasting results may require consistent practice over an extended period, but the exact duration for lasting results may vary for individuals.”