Emory Healthcare partners with Press Ganey to improve nursing effectiveness, satisfaction

‘It’s so important for staff to feel heard’

The nursing industry is facing a crisis. According to a Nov. 2022 survey, nurses are not optimistic about the future of their careers. A majority of nurses are frustrated at work, exhausted and burnt out. And it’s all happening during a worsening nationwide worker shortage.

To combat some of the work-related things that burden modern nurses, Emory Healthcare is looking to Press Ganey, a healthcare performance improvement solutions company.

“It’s so important for staff to feel heard and feel like we are concerned enough to listen to them,” Emory Healthcare chief nursing executive Sharon Pappas told Press Ganey. “We implement many of the ideas from clinical nurses. We always listen to hear.”

Putting it into practice, Emory’s chief nursing officers tasked practice councils with educating nurses on best bedside shift practices to improve work efficiency and effectiveness. But first, they simply listened when nurses discussed the barriers they faced. It’s a practice that his having a massive impact in Johns Creek.

Engaging nurses through surveys and other Press Ganey tools, Heather Redrick, chief nursing officer and vice president of patient services for Emory Johns Creek Hospital, said Emory has “helped make our teams aware that we want to hear their voice.”

According to Chief nursing officer of Emory University Hospital Nancye Feistritzer, the data provided by the surveys and other initiatives Emory Healthcare has begun utilizing to assist nurses is bringing more than the issues faced by nurses to the forefront. It’s also bringing forward their accomplishments.

“We use our Press Ganey data to call out and celebrate employees’ accomplishments in real time,” she said. “Using information to measure progress and outcomes — there’s few more powerful things than that.”