Brandi Wooten, Piedmont Columbus Regional Hospital

Surgical unit nurse delivers critical nourishment to a patient at home

Surgical unit nurse Brandi Wooten was a hero to a patient who wasn’t getting her prescribed at-home liquid tube feedings.

After a long day at work in the surgical unit at Piedmont Columbus Regional Hospital, Wooten went to her patient’s home to administer critical nourishment and prevent dehydration.

Nurse manager Heather Dryman said a company was set up to provide tube feedings for the patient after discharge, but the woman’s husband called two days later saying his wife hadn’t been fed.

The company said it didn’t have the woman’s specific brand in stock and would not be able to deliver it for another two days.

That meant the patient would have had to go four days without the nutrition she required.

Wooten found the prescribed formula and called to let the patient know she would bring it to her house.

That’s why Wooten was presented with an AJC Nurse Excellence Award on Tuesday. Nearly 800 nurses were nominated, with 10 being honored.

“Brandi had taken care of this patient during her hospital stay, and she knew the importance of the patient not only receiving her tube feedings, but that the patient needed water flushes as well to prevent dehydration,” said Dryman, who nominated Wooten for the award.

After ending her 12-hour shift — getting off work at 7:30 p.m. — the nurse drove more than an hour and a half to the patient’s home. She educated everyone on operating the feeding pump, hooked up the ordered feeding regimen and ensured everyone involved was comfortable with procedure.

Dryman said Wooten drove back to Columbus and was at work the next morning at 6:45, ready for her 12-hour shift.

“Brandi is a phenomenal nurse who exemplifies being a champion for patient care,” Dryman said. “She went above and beyond to ensure her patient received the proper care she needed to sustain nutrition and prevented the potential for another hospital admission.

“Brandi is a true patient advocate and an asset to not only the team but to the organization and the community for which she works.”

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