Tina Jordan, Northeast Georgia Medical Center Gainesville

‘I will forever remember the love, support, and kindness Tina showed me and my family during that very scary and dark time’

Throughout her 27 years as a nurse, Tina Jordan has always tried to give compassionate care to her patients, especially when they were scared or confused.

One patient at Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville said Jordan made her feel “loved and cared for” when she was having complications following back surgery.

The patient said Jordan held her hand through an episode of tremors, advocated for a higher level of care, and then stayed with the family while they waited for a room, even though her shift was over.

After the patient was moved to another floor, Jordan checked on her twice daily to ensure she was OK.

“Tina took the time to make me feel heard and taken care of while I was in her care,” the patient wrote.

That’s why Jordan was presented with an AJC Nurse Excellence Award on Tuesday afternoon, after being nominated last fall by the patients and multiple family members. About 800 nurses were nominated, with 10 being honored.

She also received the DAISY Award for compassionate care in 2023.

As a charge nurse, Jordan said she tries to give all her patients the same level of care.

“I was her security; I listened to her concerns,” she said of the patient.

“The husband and children had a rapport with me, and they would ask me questions when they didn’t understand. They were very concerned about their mom.”

Jordan’s attentiveness meant the world to the patient and her family.

“This amazing, loving woman, who did not work on this floor, who did not have to come to check on me, who had a family member of her own in the hospital that day, came to sit with me so I would not be alone while my family had their meeting,” the patient wrote.

“I will forever remember the love, support, and kindness Tina showed me and my family during that very scary and dark time.”

Jordan said she enjoys caring for people when they are sick, and being able to help them inspires her to continue nursing.

“You never know what they’re going through,” she said. “What we think is a bad day is even worse for them.”

Jordan said she began to lean toward nursing when she was a teenager. Her grandmother was sick and in and out of the hospital, so Jordan would go with her parents to visit and help. Health occupation classes during high school helped to confirm her career choice.

She graduated from Brenau University and has always been with Northeast Georgia Health System. She started working in a tech position and is now a charge nurse and assistant nurse manager at NGMC Gainesville.

Jordan, 47, and her husband, Chad, live in Banks County with their 15- and 10-year-old sons.

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