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Capitol insurrection was far from being ‘tourist visit’

Georgia congressional representatives Jody Hice, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Andrew Clyde lack patriotism. As Jan. 6, the first anniversary of their 1776 moment, approached, I expected them to organize a reenactment of the “legitimate political discourse” held at and in the Capitol.

Because Clyde described Jan. 6, 2021 events at the Capitol as a “normal tourist visit,” he could have offered his Athens or Warner Robins gun stores as reenactment sites. He could have chosen the windows he didn’t mind being smashed and the interior walls on which feces would be applied.

Casting is easy. Hice, Taylor Greene and Clyde could play themselves. Mike Pence could pose for and sign campaign photos next to a gallows. Rudy Giuliani could sell hair dye-dyed T-shirts. Afterward, Clyde could autograph photos of himself helping to barricade a door inside the House chamber, trying to deny entrance to participants in the “normal tourist visit.”


Come on, AJC, let us know what’s really going on

Congratulations, AJC - it was not until page 11 (AJC, Feb. 11) that COVID news appeared - also gone were the masthead stats of cases, deaths, etc. Will it be “racism,” “voter suppression,” “January 6th misdemeanor charges being handed down,” or the tried and true “Trump is bad” news that will carry you guys? Surely, there will be no time to invest in looking into “inflation caused by poor government decisions,” “negative impact to our children over unneeded mask mandates,” or “coverage of the positive impact that the Canadian truckers have had.”

Keep up the good work of letting us know “what’s really going on.”