Readers write



Political arguments from the right are full of inconsistencies

Republicans have become masters of irony. Rather than address actual border issues, Republicans decry “open borders” based on 2 million apprehensions at our Southern border. If we had open borders, there would obviously be zero apprehensions.

Donald Trump freely gives speeches where he claims Americans no longer have free speech.

The saddest part of this is the unquestioning support many have given to such inconsistencies.


Free-spending Fulton doesn’t deserve larger share of LOST

Local Option Sales Tax, known as LOST (how appropriate), is another way of squeezing money from taxpayers.

Fulton county wants to bump up its share from less than 5% to 35% of that pot. Some points worth noting regarding Fulton County is the poor husbandry of tax money, the lack of response from most of the county commissioners (Liz Hausmann, the exception), lack of budget constraints and the transfer of tax money from North Fulton to South Fulton. Additionally, property owners only need to look at their property tax bills to see how much money Fulton County collects each year, as those taxes increase yearly, on top of the sales tax. Yet, Fulton County says it needs a bigger piece of the tax pie, or services will be reduced. So, a threat of services going from poor to worse is somehow a threat.

Lastly, to the county commissioners who didn’t bother to show up at the LOST meeting, what exactly have you done to restrain Fulton county’s ever-expanding tax-and-spend agendas?


Yes, battery technology will let us transition away from fossil fuels

Re: The letter, “What are EV drivers to do during power failure?” (Readers Write, Sep 27), the answer is electrical backup - batteries and solar panels. Transportation does not need to continue to include gas guzzlers.

It takes time to realize the benefits of transitioning from dirty fossils to electric power derived from a variety of non-polluting sources - solar, wind, nuclear.

Eventually, noisy highways with tailpipes leaving a trail of poisonous gasses will not be personally remembered just like baby boomers do not recall the stench of horse manure layering public roads 100 years ago.

Failing to switch to cleaner power increases disastrous consequences - costly climate mitigation, crop losses, ecosystem destruction.

How do we prepare for clean energy backups? Encourage the use of the Inflation Reduction Act incentives and participate in a worldwide price on fossils at their source.

You can help by voting for candidates devoted to insuring humans stop polluting. Vote like Earth depends on it.


Summer reading programs benefiting children statewide

H. M. Cauley”s article in the Sept. 25 issue was very good, and it shines a light on what good people can do to help the children of Gwinnett County. I want to point out that many other organizations across Georgia are making efforts similar to this. I’m especially familiar with the Summer Reading Pals program sponsored by the Housing Authority of Americus. That program has been going on for decades and has served hundreds of kids over the years to keep their minds challenged. Committed teachers do this because they love children and want to help them be successful. I hope y’all can expand your study of programs like this outside of Atlanta.