Readers Write


Anarchy seems to reign on Atlanta roads

I’ve been driving in Atlanta for over 30 years. Something is different now.

There is a certain percentage who are driving with a total disregard for the law. Not carelessness, but rather with clear aggression and no concern at all of being pulled over. I don’t scare easy, but I am scared now and so are most of my friends and neighbors. We fear these drivers. Is this anarchy? I don’t know, but I do know that these drivers have absolutely no fear of being pulled over in Atlanta — why should they?

So, they drive with impunity, both on the interstates and the side roads — daring anyone to stop them. Come on Atlanta, at least pretend to care enough about your citizens to enforce traffic laws. Take a poll and ask how many Atlantans believe the APD will actually show up, if called. (Hint: most people think they won’t). Maybe we can start small with traffic enforcement and work our way up to stopping the senseless murders happening almost every day.


Teachers should ignore anger, teach truth about race

Count me as one Southern white male senior who understands the necessity of teaching Critical Race Theory. This knowledge is not threatening to me.

I understand that I am not personally responsible for what my ancestors’ generations did to oppress people of color. But I certainly am responsible for doing what I can to help make up for the damage done. Educators should teach true American history, including that which is noble and that which is shameful. They should ignore the noisy, willfully ignorant mobs who turn up at school board meetings and bellow the same white rage that resulted in the horrid injustices against Black people in the slavery and Jim Crow eras and on into the present day.

And they should openly defy any laws passed by reactionary legislatures to censor them in their sacred mission of teaching truth.