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State’s obstructive tactics on COVID-19 records should alarm citizens

The article, “Cost of Georgia COVID-19 Records: $33K and Rising” (News, Sept. 23), should concern all citizens. Georgia charging exorbitant fees for information requested by credible media is an insidious and dangerous form of censorship. The fragile foundation of our democracy is based on informed voters. While all media has flaws and bias, it’s the best way we have to hold our public officials accountable, which is why the Constitution provides for it. All information generated by our government is already paid for by taxpayers, so we own it. The only redacted information should be well defined public safety/security, individual names on health records, and sensitive pre-policy decision-making. Once the decision is made, all information must be made available to the public. This data is part of government work product, so given current technology, retrieval is quick at minimal cost. Government accountability is only possible through transparency.


Debate showcased Dems' tired old socialist, welfare-state ideals

I watched the same presidential debate the Editorial Board watched (“What we learned from the debate,” Editorial, Oct. 1), and I saw yet another example of what the Democrats are all about, and it was nothing to be proud of. Biden, the straw man, made it plain enough to anyone watching that his main concern was an increase and extension of the Affordable Care Act, the centerpiece of liberals' effort to force employers to pay for employees' health insurance, and to force taxpayers to provide even more welfare for those eager to accept it. It was clear to me that Biden wants to continue the implementation of socialism begun by Obama and promised by Hillary through expanded welfare in order to garner votes by liberals, by those who believe the government owes them a living. Informed voters don’t need a debate to know where our survival lies, and it’s not in a Democratic, socialist-controlled government.


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