Readers write



More problems with absentee ballots

When you request an absentee ballot via the state website, you are required to download, complete and sign the form. Once this done, you can upload the form, but you don’t get confirmation that it was accepted. I called the secretary of state’s office and was told that the website doesn’t confirm acceptance. The only way to find out if your request will be completed is to contact the county elections office 24 hours after uploading documentation. I contacted them three days later, and they showed no record of ever receiving it. I believe it was set up this way to further impede people’s right to vote.


No justification for protesters of police training center

For years people complained about inadequate police training in dealing with special situations, mental persons, and large crowds.

Now, as the city of Atlanta is about to make a giant step forward, the protesters are out in full force.

Nothing can justify throwing rocks at police and construction persons clearing the area of trespassers. With the price of gas, how do the protesters justify Molotov cocktails? These protesters are people who do not think and are easily led and manipulated by others for whatever their agenda de jure is.

All arguments against the new center do not ring clear, and someone wants to start trouble. I hope the city of Atlanta builds this center, and anyone who does not obey the law is arrested and taken to court.

Well-trained police and fire departments are what is needed -- not tree-huggers and paid-for protesters.


University president raises embarrassing, should be refused or donated

Is no one embarrassed by these raises? What a discouraging story this is, and I would hope that these higher-salaried presidents would either refuse the $5,000 or donate it to an on-campus student organization.

Bet you neither of these things will happen.

When will Georgia’s money handouts end? I guess not until the November election.