9/26 Readers write


Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Biden has no idea how bad the economy really is

While listening to a Biden re-election campaign ad, hearing his bluster for all the good things happening under his administration made me laugh. It is obvious to many he has never stepped inside a grocery store, put gas in a car or paid insurance premiums.

Prices are still high, bacon nearly $10 a pound, beef and poultry reaching all-time highs, brand-name mouthwash at $10 a bottle and gas recently was up 50 cents from two months ago. The stock market is in shambles, yet he sits at his desk bragging about how well his recovery act is doing.

With high prices, insurance premiums, home costs and drugs going higher every month, he sits at his desk reading a prepared script, having no idea how bad it really is out there.

Mr. President, go shopping, buy gas, look at the stock market and see how well your inflation recovery act is really doing!


Republican leaders also responsible for fractured party

Who is to blame for fracturing the Republican party? It is easy to blame Donald Trump and his followers.

Republican legislators are responsible, too. Following the January 6 attack upon the capitol, many Republican legislators said enough was enough. Trump had gone too far. The behavior was unlawful. Privately, they agreed Trump lost the election.

By the next morning, their stance changed dramatically. Fear of retribution, which they believed would cause them to lose power, decided their positions rather than their sworn duty to serve our country. If they had told the truth about Trump and stood together decrying the unlawful behavior and convicting Trump of impeachment, the Republican party could have earned the respect of the American people.

None of the issues facing them today would be on the table. The only way to deal with bullies is to stand up to the truth. If only.