Sweet video alert: Footage of Spelman student telling fellow classmates they’re beautiful goes viral

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Eva Dickerson, a junior at Spelman College, went viral celebrating black women's beauty. She filmed herself telling Spelman students they are beautiful. Dickerson's tweet earned 74,000 retweets and more than 100,000 likes. The video was originally a homework assignment. Dickerson said she did not expect to go viral.

One Spelman College student is spreading some positivity on her campus with a viral video that celebrates the beauty of black women.

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Eva Dickerson, a junior at the all-women’s HBCU, recently created a video where she roamed the school telling girls they were beautiful.

In the nearly two-minute clip, she stopped classmates to ask them one question: “Did you know that you’re beautiful?” Many confidently replied, “yes,” and others blushed at the unexpected compliment.

The economics and comparative women’s studies double major uploaded the recording to her Twitter page, and it quickly went viral. Within one week, it garnered more than 74,000 retweets and over 100,000 likes.

Dickerson didn’t expect the overwhelming reaction. She actually created the video as part of a homework assignment for a film class taught by the award-winning filmmaker Julie Dash, whose credits include “Queen Sugar.”

“Everyweek we have a different assignment. For this one, we had to be roving reporters, where you walk around giving interviews,” she told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I thought, ‘This is Spelman. What do Spelmanites do besides compliment each other all day?’ I just wanted to record it.”

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Now, many more people know about the loving community. Many on social media have commented on the post to express how encouraged they felt after watching it.

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"The responses were heartfelt,” she said. “People resonate with stories of black girl happiness. I think the world is starting to realize black girls deserve to be happy.”

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