Which small Georgia college has some of the highest-earning graduates in the state?

Georgia colleges in Princeton Review's 2018 "Best 382 Colleges" rankings

After college graduation, many millennials are job hunting, hoping to secure a gig with a decent paycheck. While there are several factors that can determine an employee’s salary, the institution you choose may also be a factor, according to a new report.

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Zippia, a career site, recently conducted a study to determine the small colleges with the highest-earning graduates in every state. To do so, they used the College Scorecard, an online tool, created by the United States Department of Education, that provides information about the cost and value of higher education institutions.

With the data, the analysts looked at the small colleges in each state with the highest average earners 10 years after entry. They only considered four-year institutions, and many of them include schools of medicine, law and nursing in addition to undergraduate programs.

For Georgia, Spelman College came out on top. Graduates from the women's historically black college, located in Atlanta, take home about $51,300 annually on average.

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The highest-earning graduates in the country hail from the University of Maryland Baltimore, the researchers found. Those alum rake in about $102,000 a year. That’s about $15,000 more than the second-ranked on the list: Brown University in Rhode Island.

New Mexico’s Navajo Technical University had the lowest-earning graduates. They make about $20,000 a year.

Want to learn more? Take a look at the map of findings here, and check out the top 10 states with the highest-earning graduates below.

1. University of Maryland Baltimore in Maryland: $102,900

2. Brown University in Rhode Island: $87,600

3. Harvey Mudd College in California: $84,900

4. The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas: $82,100

5. Amherst College in Massachusetts: $82,000

6. Lafayette College in Pennsylvania: $81,000

7. Helene Fuld College of Nursing in New York: $79,300

8. Bates College in Maine: $75,700

9. Carleton College in Minnesota: $65,600

10. Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences in Missouri: $64,700

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