A Mediterranean diet could help reduce your risk of developing dementia


There are several health benefits to adopting a Mediterranean style diet, and scientists have just discovered another one. They believe it could help prevent dementia.

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A group of researchers conducted a study to find out how different eating habits can affect the disease. They looked at the diets of about 6,000 older Americans around the age of 68, factoring in race, gender, and health issues such as obesity, hypertension, and depression.

After analyzing the data, which they presented at the Alzheimer's Association International conference in London, they determined that those who followed the Mediterranean diet had a 30 to 35 percent lower risk of cognitive impairment compared to those who did not follow it.

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They also discovered that those who stuck with a Mediterranean diet were 18 percent less likely to show signs of cognitive impairment.

Although the study is striking, scientists noted that their study is observational, which means their results were based on reports received from individuals. To make a stronger case, they will need to conduct a more scientifically controlled experiment.

Learn more about what they discovered here.