Here’s what folks thought of Taraji P. Henson’s R. Kelly, Harvey Weinstein comparison

The actress and singer was born Sept. 11, 1970. She graduated from Howard University with a drama degree. Her breakout film was 2001's "Baby Boy," which starred Tyrese. The Oscar-nominee has worked alongside Brad Pitt, Tyler Perry and more. Her credits include "Empire," "Hidden Figures," and "Acrimony." In 2016, she released her memoir "Around the Way Girl."

Taraji P. Henson is clarifying her stance on R. Kelly after posting an Instagram story that seemingly compared the singer to Harvey Weinstein.

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On Tuesday, the actress took to the social media platform to juxtapose protests against Kelly with those against Weinstein. In the now-deleted story, she searched “MuteRKelly” on Instagram, which led to thousands of results. She did the same for “MuteHarvey,” which yielded fewer than 30 findings.

Both men have been accused of sexual and emotional abuse of women.

After her upload, many took to Twitter to share their reactions. Several thought she was supporting Kelly.

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Others said she “made a false equivalency” between the two men, because Weinstein is on trial and Kelly is not.

People also defended Henson. Some said she’s entitled to her opinion, while a few said her message was received wrong.

After the backlash, Henson clarified her statements. On Tuesday night, she tweeted, “LET ME BE CLEAR R. KELLY IS GUILTY AND WRONG AND SHOULD BE MUTED PERIOD!!!!!”

She has not made in further comments.

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