Did Ella Mai force Jacquees to remove his ‘Trip’ remix from the internet?

Singer-songwriter Jacquees was born Rodriquez Jacquees Broadnax in Atlanta

Atlanta singer Jacquees is known for remixing songs, but one of his latest remakes wasn’t well received by the singer behind the original.

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In August, he posted a snippet on Instagram of his own rendition of Ella Mai's "Trip" and tagged the songstress. The following month, he uploaded the full ballad. But weeks after it was released, he was reportedly forced to remove it from YouTube and SoundCloud.

The crooner shared the news on Twitter by posting an article by SA Breaking News with several sad face emojis. He even took to the social media site to deny rumors that the track was removed, because he was making money from it.

When fans caught wind of the announcement, many headed to their timelines to express their thoughts. Several were bummed they could no longer hear Jacquees’ version.

Others accuse Ella Mai and her team of making the call after Jacquees' song reportedly outperformed the original. According to Fader, it was streamed nearly 2 million times within 24 hours. Mai's version accumulated 6 million SoundCloud streams after a month.

Tweeps also noted previous instances where remixes of Mai’s songs were taken down.

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On the other hand, a few believed Mai's team made the right decision, especially since Jacquees shot a music video for the record.

And some chimed in with their own suggestions on how they thought the situation could have been handled.

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