Violent confrontation between Pittsburgh Steelers fans goes viral

Credit: Justin Berl

Credit: Justin Berl

A violent confrontation between two Pittsburgh Steelers fans at Sunday night's game against the Los Angeles Chargers at Heinz Field has gone viral.

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The video, captured by another Steelers fan, shows two men exchanging words and one of the men head-butting the other.

Kate Brendel, who recorded the video on Facebook and also posted it on Twitter, said she couldn't believe how awesome her seats were, so she was documenting her view throughout the game.

She noticed the two men started arguing with one another, and it got worse as the night progressed.

She said she never thought it would reach the point it did, but Heinz Field security did an incredible job removing all of the people involved in the fight by acting fast and effectively.

She said fans around the fight laughed it off. Brendal said it’s not a true representation of all Steelers fans.

“I didn’t expect this ... it was two Steelers fans. If it was the opposite team maybe it would’ve been better ... not better ... but like more understanding ... two Steelers fans going at it?! Like what?” Brendel said.

Brendel said the incident wasn’t scary but it was shocking.

Pittsburgh public safety officials said there were no reports or arrests as a result of this incident. If citations were given, that information may not come out for a while.