Vandals damage headstones in historic Forsyth County cemetery

Family members of loved ones they laid to rest are upset after vandals damaged headstones at a Forsyth County cemetery.

The cemetery is located somewhat out of sight from the Alpharetta road.

“When I got up there, I noticed they had all been toppled and destroyed,” Donnie Munda said of headstones of his late family members.

Munda said 24 graves mark family members of his, and that nearly all of their headstones were damaged.

He said each is a part of the county’s history. They include a constable for Forsyth County and a sheriff for Forsyth County in the 1960s.

Munda called 911 and detectives are investigating the incident.

“This is the history of Georgia where we're standing on here. These were the original pioneer family in 1834 when they did the first census up here,” Cumming Sons of Confederate Veterans Commander Cliff Roberts said.

Munda's family no longer owns the land, so Roberts said he contacted the land's owner and developer.

He is trying to find a way, and financial means, to replace the damaged headstones and pay for a fence and marker around this cemetery.

“It’s painful to see the families and they feel like something has been ripped out from their hearts,” Roberts said.