Election Day in Georgia: Where do I vote?

Voters lined up to cast their ballots at Park Tavern in Atlanta on Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2022.

Credit: John Spink

Credit: John Spink

Voters lined up to cast their ballots at Park Tavern in Atlanta on Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2022.

To vote in Georgia elections, you must first be registered. Register to vote online. After that, you have several options to vote early, to vote by absentee ballot or to vote in person on Election Day.

To vote on Election Day, make sure you know the location of your assigned precinct. It may have changed since the last election. Check with your county elections office listed below, or go online to the Georgia Election Office overseen by Georgia’s Secretary of State.

Do I need to bring a voter registration card?

No. Georgia law does not require that you show a voter registration card, but you do need a photo ID, such as a drivers license. The Georgia Election office lists a number of acceptable forms of ID, including a valid military ID, valid U.S. passport or a valid state or federal ID with photo.

Some older voters can skip the line

Under Georgia law, people age 75 and older, and those with physical disabilities, are allowed to skip voting lines in Georgia. According to the Secretary of State’s office, people in those categories can notify a poll worker when they arrive at their polling place. Read more

Where do I vote?

Your voting precinct is assigned by the county elections board in the county where you live. The offices for key metro Atlanta election offices are listed here. Note that if you live in the city of Atlanta, your precinct is still based on your county, and some parts of Atlanta are located in DeKalb County. Most of the city is located in Fulton.

How to find your voting precinct in your county?

Clayton County precincts, 770-477-3372

Cobb County precincts , 770-528-2581

DeKalb County precincts, 404-298-4020

Fulton County precincts, 404-612-3816

Gwinnett County precincts, 678-226-7210

How do I find a sample ballot?

The MyVoter web page from the Georgia Elections office is a good place to find a sample ballot that includes the races and ballot questions that apply to your election precinct. Some county elections offices post generic or consolidated sample ballots that include all elections in that county. The only caution is that these generic ballots will include races and ballot questions that may be for voters in other precincts but not yours.

For generic sample ballots for metro Atlanta sample ballots, follow the link above for your county.

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