Clinton gets a ride on the Truth-O-Meter courtesy of PolitiFact

The Democratic convention in Philly is history.

And those nonpartisan fact-checkers from PolitiFact were there until the finish, trying to parse political truth from fiction.

Abbreviated versions of some of our latest fact checks are below.

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Hillary Clinton said this:

After the shootings of Dallas policemen, “nearly 500 people applied in just 12 days.”

The Dallas police said 467 people applied between July 8 and July 20.

That’s reasonably close to 500.

We rate this claim True.

Clinton said this on the economy:

“Our economy is so much stronger than when (Barack Obama and Joe Biden) took office. Nearly 15 million new private-sector jobs.”

Clinton specified “when they took office” in her speech.

The actual number of jobs starting with their inauguration is only about two-thirds as big — 10.6 million jobs.

The 15 million number uses a different, more limited timeframe to count job creation.

The statement is partially accurate but takes things out of context.

We rate it Half True.

Clinton said this in a nod to Bernie Sanders:

“More than 90 percent of the gains have gone to the top 1 percent.”

That statistic was approximately correct a few years ago.

But today, one of the nation’s leading authorities on income distribution says a more accurate figure is that 52 percent of all income flows to the top 1 percent.

That still reveals a great deal of inequality, but not at the scale Clinton said.

We rate this claim Half True.

Clinton said this about Iran:

“We put a lid on Iran’s nuclear program without firing a single shot.”

There are lots of uncertainties about how well the accord will hold up over time.

Most independent experts we have checked with agreed that the deal is both effective on paper and close to the best outcome the United States could have achieved.

We rate her statement Mostly True.

She said about Donald Trump:

Made this proclamation at the Republican convention, “I alone can fix it.”:

Trump did say those words when explaining why he thinks he is the best candidate for president.

However, Clinton omitted that in other portions of his speech he showed a willingness to work with partners including prosecutors, law enforcement and foreign allies.

We rate this claim Mostly True.

Bill Clinton said this:

Hillary Clinton “negotiated the first agreement — ever — where China and India officially committed to reduce their emissions.”

Hillary Clinton was at the table at the Copenhagen Accord, though she wasn’t the only U.S. official present. And while it was the first time China and India made pledges in an international agreement, their pledges were not legally binding.

Many, if not most, environmentalists and experts say the agreement was a wash at best and a failure at worst.

We rate Clinton’s claim Half True.

Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro said this:

“Donald Trump has defended” World War II internment camps.

Trump likened his proposed Muslim ban to how Roosevelt handled World War II. When pressed by journalists if he supported the internment camps for Japanese Americans under Roosevelt’s order, Trump said he was not praising that exactly.

In another interview, Trump said he hates the “concept” of internment camps, but “would have had to be there at the time to give you a proper answer” on whether he supported or opposed Roosevelt’s action.

So Trump’s comments are not as specific as Castro claims, but Trump never mounted an affirmative defense. Sometimes he declined to defend them, other times he has said he would have had to be present when the internment camps were in use.

We rate the claim Half True.

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