Obama was bigger threat to U.S. legacy than Trump

The letter, “Trump besmirching Reagan’s shining city on the hill” (Readers Write, Sept. 9) reveals a short-sighted delusion regarding the real threats to America’s historical and ongoing inspiration to the world. The dictatorial rule by fiat/executive order and bashing of our Constitution during the Obama Administration took this country further down the abyss toward Third World tin-pot despotism than any America First posturing could ever do. During that administration, no one on the Left raised a voice to counter the unabashed disregard for our Constitution and the corruption, as we’re now learning, that was embedded in our justice system and our political process. That cancer is just now beginning to be uncovered, and the revelation of it should cause the writer of that letter to rethink his definition of Third World politics.


Kemp should resign as Ga.’s secretary of state

It is long past time for Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp to resign. After exposing six million Georgians’ voter information three years ago, he had plenty of reason to hand over the reins of a key state office. Instead, he has continued to use his position to advance his own personal and political interests over the needs of his constituents. When he isn’t campaigning on the taxpayers’ dime, he is actively weaponizing his office to undermine our right to vote. Under Kemp’s direction, a staggering number of Georgians have been purged from the voter rolls. Even as we begin casting ballots, he is moving to block votes for his opponent — rejecting nearly one in 10 ballots in Gwinnett County. His behavior is a disgrace and a national embarrassment. He has no business serving as secretary of state, let alone in the governor’s mansion.