Pitts ignores Trump-led opportunities for minorities

Leonard Pitts’ column, “Show the GOP their fear of young voters is justified” (Opinion, Oct. 21), did not disappoint. He used his valuable space to try to convince young people of color that Republicans were scared of them for how they will vote in the upcoming election. What I find so interesting is the blanket assumption that if you are young, and anything other than white, you are predetermined to vote Democrat. No mention was made that, thanks to Republican control of Congress and the presidency, opportunities have never been better for people of color. I won’t bother to repeat the oft-cited statistics about the historically low unemployment rate for blacks and Hispanics. The identity politics and scare tactics preached by Mr. Pitts are from a time gone by. God forbid he would treat his target audience with the respect they deserve by assuming they are smart enough to cast a vote in their own best interest.


GOP should guard against rise in hate, political violence

The rise in violence and hatred against minorities has increased with President Donald Trump in office. Although the GOP has control of all three branches of government, Trump and his followers are more paranoid, hate- and fear-filled than ever. The new narrative that liberals are obstructive and violent (peaceful protest is violent now?) is nonsensical in light of the incontrovertible fact of a GOP majority, as well as the many documented instances of violence on the part of the alt-right. Citing being yelled at in restaurants (oh, the humanity!) or one instance of violence caused by a mentally disturbed individual at Congressional baseball practice, while blindly overlooking/excusing the overwhelming number of violent acts committed by the alt-right feeds into this narrative. Democrats aren’t sending bombs, holding hate rallies, and inciting supporters to violence. Republicans, police yourselves!!