MARTA police dedicated to system, public safety

I’m proud of the MARTA police. Each morning as I drive to the MARTA station, I know I’ll return home at night. The hour will be late, and the train station, while not deserted, will have fewer commuters than in the morning. I know I can count on the security of the police presence, guaranteeing our safety. As I leave that night train, I see the revolving blue lights from the MARTA police car in the parking lot. I see the brave men and women patrolling the platform, the station and the parking area. One night last year, MARTA had a power failure, and the entire station was thrown into darkness. Not to worry – MARTA police officers illuminated our way from the platform and out to the parking lot, lighting the way to our cars. I want to thank these courageous men and women of the MARTA police force.


Trump’s responsible for ugly climate, acts of today

Donald Trump is just as responsible for the 14 mail bomb attempts, the murder of a black couple by an alleged white supremacist at a store in Kentucky, and the shooting deaths of 11 Jews in a Pittsburgh synagogue, as the dull-minded thugs who committed the acts. Following the Hitler-Mussolini playbook, Trump has repeatedly vilified immigrants and minorities, encouraged violence against his critics, and called the news media – society’s bulwark against tyranny – “enemies of the people.” During the very week pipe bombs were mailed to Hillary Clinton and CNN, he falsely called peaceful protesters “Democrat mobs” while inciting real mobs at his rallies to chant “lock her up” and cheer the assault of a reporter by a GOP congressman. Trump insists the midterm elections are about him. Fair enough. Anyone voting Republican is rejecting common decency and embracing authoritarianism, bigotry and naked savagery.


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