Readers Write: May 18

Corporate lawyers created tax loopholes

I really appreciate the AJC article (“Companies go overseas, save $100B,” Business, May 11) which summed up corporate tax-dodging in the U.S. Corporate executives in this country secretly smirk when the presidential candidates decry this country’s high corporate tax rate of 35 percent and use it as the reason companies move overseas. As a former corporate executive, let me assure your readers that no company CEO or CFO worth his or her salary would ever allow their company to pay anything close to 35 percent. That’s what corporate tax lawyers were created for and they are the ones who designed all the creative dodges described in your article.


Democrats the party of other people’s money

The Democrat Party has been successful in convincing their supporters to vote for them by promising to give them more of other people’s money. They never ask their supporters what John Kennedy asked, “don’t ask what this country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Most Republican officeholders want to grow the economy by decreasing the size of our ever-growing welfare-state government before we reach the point where 51 percent of our population requires the other 49 percent to support them. How that’s done has been done before under Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton; cut taxes — both individual and corporate — and allow people to spend their own money without sending it through the Washington cartel. What we need now is the support from the dominant liberal news media, which blindly sports what Democrats are promising their supporters.