New laws limit phone use while driving in Tennessee and Florida

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The Hands-Free Georgia Act takes effect July 1.

Georgia law already requires hands-free phone use by motorists

Laws taking effect Monday include new restrictions on phone use while driving in Florida and Tennessee.

The restrictions arrive on the one-year anniversary of Georgia's hands-free phone law for drivers. The law in Georgia prohibits drivers from holding a phone or even using a phone while it's in your lap or in a pocket.

Georgia law allows using GPS systems and making telephone calls, with restrictions, if you are not holding or handling the phone itself.

The new law in Tennessee, as of July 1, is similar to Georgia's. Motorists are not allowed to hold or physically support a phone while they are driving, according to The Tennessean.

If you are driving in Florida, a new law taking effect July 1 bans texting while driving. Florida law enforcement officers are allowed to stop and ticket drivers who are using their phones to send texts or e-mail while their car is in motion, according to

Tennessee and Georgia are among 19 states that require drivers to keep their hands off their phones while driving, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

If you are driving to Georgia's other neighboring states, here are some things to know: 

-Alabama law bans texting while driving. The Legislature is considering a hands-free law, according to

-North Carolina bans texting while driving.

-South Carolina bans texting while driving.

-Some states have additional restrictions for drivers younger than 18.

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