Nearly 60 cats rescued from Sandy Springs condo, 15 found dead in freezer

Fulton County Animal Services worked for nearly six hours to catch the nearly 60 cats and kittens found in a single Sandy Springs condo unit. Fifteen dead cats were found in the freezer.

Credit: LifeLine Animal Project

Credit: LifeLine Animal Project

Nearly 60 cats and kittens were found Wednesday living in a single Sandy Springs condominium in unsanitary conditions, and the bodies of 15 others were found in a freezer, according to the LifeLine Animal Project.

The animal hoarding situation was discovered when Sandy Springs police obtained an inspection warrant for the condo at 9400 Roberts Drive, LifeLine spokeswoman Karen Hirsch said.

A Fulton County Animal Services officer inside the condo where nearly 60 cats were found living in unsanitary conditions.

Credit: LifeLine Animal Project

Credit: LifeLine Animal Project

Sgt. Sal Ortega of Sandy Springs police said they worked more than six hours on the scene recovering 59 cats and attempting to rescue more inside the home and in the parking lot. Some were found inside the walls of the condo, he said.

LifeLine veterinarians triaged and treated the cats with respiratory and eye infections Wednesday night, Ortega said.

The homeowner lives alone and told officers that he’s at a difficult stage in his life and the cat situation got out of control, Ortega said. Animal Control Services visited in July after complaints from neighbors about an odor and found the homeowner with only a few cats, he added.

The dead cats will be autopsied, and if authorities find that the animals were killed, the condo owner could be charged, Ortega said.

LifeLine recently took in 16 kittens from a property in Walton County where stray cats had been fed and multiplied, previously reported. Hirsch said the Fulton animal shelters are nearly at capacity for cats and that the organization is in “urgent need" of foster homes.

LifeLife is seeking foster homes for cats who are already in their care to make room the rescued cats and kittens. Those interested in helping can sign up to foster at or donate to support their ongoing care at

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