Naked woman speeds through parking lot, crashes into Kohl's

It was just a typical Monday night for one Houston woman. She left a happy hour, got in her car and...then things got interesting. Police told KTRK that at some point the driver took off her clothes, then proceeded to drive straight through a Kohl's department store.

Police say the 40-year-old attended a happy hour gathering at PF Chang's ahead of the event, but they don't think she was drunk.

KTRK reported eyewitnesses estimated that when she hit the building, her speed was about 60 mph. She drove into the store just to the right of the front doors.

Police do not know why she was naked or why she did not stop in front of, rather than in, the store.

KTRK says authorities quickly covered her up after the crash and got her to the hospital to treat minor injuries.