Large cross washes onto Florida beach

They don’t know how it got there, but some are taking it as a sign --  a massive cross washed up on a beach near a Fort Lauderdale hotel.

"I felt really heavenly about it," Greg Gay told WSVN. "It was a moment in time. Had we been 10 minutes before or 10 minutes later,  we wouldn't have seen it."

Gay had just checked into the Ocean Manor Beach Resort with his family when he discovered the cross, WZTV reported.

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Frank Talerico, the owner of the hotel where the cross came ashore, said it is a sign of protection. He said his sister had been praying on the hotel property Saturday morning after being scared by a bad dream. Hours later, the owner said the cross appeared.

The cross is made of painted wood and is covered in barnacles.

It was so heavy that seven people and two all-terrain vehicles were needed to move it away from the water.

Some believe that it came from either Puerto Rico or the Florida Keys, WSVN reported.

No matter where it came from, Talerico said the cross is not going anywhere.

Gay, though, wants to know where the cross came from. The Michigan man told WZTV, "That is the most important thing to us, is to find out what kind of journey this thing took."