Boy, born with half a heart, runs for 65-yard touchdown

A tough little 9-year-old boy had a chance of a lifetime at his first football game.

Peyton West was born with only half a heart.  By the time he was 5 years old, he had three open-heart surgeries and had complications that resulted in brain damage.  His mother said he had to relearn everything, including breathing, sitting up and eating.

That didn't stop him from running the ball into the end zone.  His team the Goshen Warriors, with help from the opposing team, the Bethel-Tate Tigers, helped Peyton score the only t-d for Goshen and even the two-point conversion.

His parents said football is therapy for Peyton and a way for him to be a kid.  He's already planning his next scoring run and even an end zone dance to honor his favorite football player, Tim Tebow.