This MARTA station saw a 67 percent jump in riders after I-85 collapse

After the I-85 bridge collapse, Atlanta reached for its MARTA Breeze Card.

Most rail stations saw increases in weekly ridership, with one DeKalb County station seeing the biggest uptick, according to an Atlanta Regional Commission report.

The Brookhaven station’s numbers have ballooned by nearly 67 percent, far above the overall 11.5 percent increase at all stations, the ARC found.

Second was the Dome/GWCC/Philips Arena/CNN Center station, with almost 57 percent. Next was Sandy Springs at 43 percent.

The analysis compares ridership rates from March 24-31, the day after the collapse, to March 31-April 29.

All but six stations saw an increase in ridership in that time, though some saw only small increases, the ARC found.

As officials prepare to reopen the bridge Monday, MARTA is waiting to see how much the growth can hold.

Here’s the ARC’s full ranking of the change in rail station traffic after the collapse:

  1. Brookhaven: 67 percent
  2. Dome: 57 percent
  3. Sandy Springs: 43 percent
  4. Chamblee: 33 percent
  5. Buckhead: 30 percent
  6. Medical Center: 30 percent
  7. Dunwoody: 26 percent
  8. Lenox: 24 percent
  9. Doraville: 20 percent
  10. Midtown: 19 percent
  11. King Memorial: 18 percent
  12. North Springs: 18 percent
  13. Airport: 17 percent
  14. Lakewood/Ft. McPherson: 17 percent
  15. Peachtree Center: 17 percent
  16. Arts Center: 16 percent
  17. East Lake: 15 percent
  18. Civic Center: 15 percent
  19. North Avenue: 13 percent
  20. Inman Park: 9 percent
  21. Vine City: 6 percent
  22. Lindbergh Center: 6 percent
  23. Decatur: 5 percent
  24. Indian Creek: 4 percent
  25. College Park: 4 percent
  26. Garnett: 3 percent
  27. East Point: 3 percent
  28. Oakland City: 2 percent
  29. Edgewood/Candler Park: 2 percent
  30. Five Points: 2 percent
  31. Kensington: 1 percent
  32. West End: 1 percent
  33. Avondale: -1 percent
  34. H.E. Holmes: -1 percent
  35. Bankhead: -2 percent
  36. Georgia State: -3 percent
  37. West Lake: -4 percent
  38. Ashby: -8 percent

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