SUNTRUST PARK: Your ultimate guide during the 2019 Braves NLDS run

Credit: AJC

5 things to know about Atlanta Braves' SunTrust Park

Credit: AJC

The Braves are officially National League East champions and it's time for them to embark on another playoff run. The MLB postseason begins Oct. 3, and the Braves will host games 1 and 2. The team will likely go against either the Cardinals or the Brewers. Luckily, SunTrust Park has dealt with postseason action before, but here's everything you'll need to know when you attend.

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The Braves predicated their entire parking system upon you figuring it out ahead of time and buying a parking pass early online, and that won't change. A playoff change is that the four lots usually only for season ticket holders — Orange Valet Deck, Delta Deck, Braves 9 and Braves 11 — will be open to the public. Season ticket holders will have had a two-hour head start to buy parking passes online. There are about 14,000 official parking spots at SunTrust.

What and where to eat

From peanuts and Cracker Jacks to oysters and mofongo, there's lots to eat at the ballpark and it's attached mixed-use behemoth The Battery. There are joints from celebrity chefs like "Top Chef" judge Hugh Acheson and Atlanta food scene staple Linton Hopkins. But don't you dare pass up fried tomahawk pork chop or the only Waffle House outpost that sells beer.

What you can bring in

No sticks nor clubs, and leave your brooms at home. Booze and rollerblades are also a no-go. If you were planning on bringing all those things in: 1. We should party together. 2. You should really read the rules.

Quirky things to know

Speaking of rules, SunTrust Park has some particular ones that might be good to know about.For instance, you get something out of being a designated driver besides sloppy pats on the back. And, there’s a gluten-free concession stand. Also, no selfie sticks.