Waffle House is selling beer for the first time

Waffle House is selling beer for the first time. The hash brown bar at SunTrust Park began serving beer Monday. The location offers Miller Lite and Coors Light. Menu items also include a variety of hash brown offerings. This location is separate from the original Waffle House in the ballpark.

Capped, smothered, covered and brewed?

Yes, Waffle House is selling beer. It is doing so at SunTrust Park from its new hash brown bar as of Monday , reports Channel 2 Action News. This is separate from the original Waffle House in the ballpark.

Folks can wash down their Miller Lite or Coors Light at the hash brown bar with things like a “cheesesteak melt hash brown bowl” or a “grilled chicken melt hash brown bowl.”


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They also sell “double hashbrowns.” No single hashbrowns were listed on the menu because Waffle House doesn’t play.

This sale of alcohol is a notable compression of the usual Atlanta night out: One usually gets beer BEFORE getting Waffle House.

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Sure, brave soldiers in service of a good time have drank at Waffle House before, but its sanctioning is staggering.

No astrophysicists were immediately available to theorize if this could cause rifts in the time-space drunken continuum.

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Check out the menu here:

This is the menu at the hashbrown bar in SunTrust Park. It has beer.

Credit: Channel 2 Action News

Credit: Channel 2 Action News

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