How late can you shoot fireworks in Georgia?

Planning to shoot fireworks? Here are some Georgia fireworks laws you may not know. Video by Fiza Pirani/AJC. Photos by AJC staff.

Planning on setting off fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July? The sale and personal use of fireworks is legal in Georgia, but there are some caveats and limitations on when and where you can set off fireworks.

How late can you shoot fireworks?

Georgians can set off fireworks on normal days and certain holidays until 11:59 p.m., including the Fourth of July, provided local authorities haven’t issued a general noise ordinance. Fireworks are also allowed statewide until 1 a.m. on New Year’s Day, according to 2018 legislation.

Regardless of local legislation, the use of fireworks is legal until 11:59 p.m. on the last Saturday and Sunday in May corresponding with Memorial Day, on July 3 and July 4 and on Labor Day. Note that if there is a drought, the governor can forbid the use of any and all fireworks.

What fireworks can you shoot in Georgia?

In 2016, the state legalized the use and sale of fireworks such as firecrackers, Roman candles, bottle rockets, sky rockets, sparklers, smoke and punk, fountains, missiles, novelties, crackle and strobe, parachutes, wheels, spinners, sky flyers, display shells and mortars.

Where can you NOT light fireworks in Georgia?

Some private communities may prohibit fireworks, so be sure to check your complex laws. Remember, it's illegal to use fireworks within 100 yards of an electric plant, water treatment plant, waste-water treatment plant, gas station, refinery, electric substation, jail or prison, helipad, hospital, nursing home or other health care facility. It's also illegal to set off fireworks within any park, historic site, recreational area or other state property, according to a copy of state fireworks laws from Paulding County.

While Georgia cities cannot ban the use of fireworks, they can extend hours, regulate where fireworks are sold through zoning and enact taxes on sales, according to the Georgia Municipal Association.

How does your city regulate fireworks?

In Cobb County, some cities used to ban fireworks entirely. Read more about Cobb County’s city ordinances here.

In DeKalb County, one city extended its fireworks curfew so revelers can even celebrate longer. Read more about DeKalb County’s city ordinances here.

In Gwinnett County, have any cities taken any action on fireworks? Read more about Gwinnett County’s city ordinances here.

In North Fulton, one city says you need written permission to shoot fireworks in parks. Read more about North Fulton’s city ordinances here.