Meet the new Cobb school principals of 2018-2019

There will be four new faces at some of Cobb County school district’s largest desks on Aug. 1.

The new principals are: Laura Meyer of Nickajack Elementary, Donna Long of Shallowford Falls Elementary, Adam Hill of Dickerson Middle and Maria Clark of East Side Elementary.

The district had them answer some questions about their backgrounds and passions. Below are some selections.

Laura Meyer, Nickajack Elementary

“My grandmother taught in a one-room schoolhouse, and my mother is a teacher. I am a teacher, and I’m very proud to say that my daughter will be graduating from Kennesaw state in December. Her field is education as well. So, that is truly something in my makeup, in my personality, and has been since I was very young.”

Donna Long of Shallowford Falls Elementary

“I think my favorite memory is having received an invitation to the graduation of a child who graduated from Georgia Tech with a double doctorate [degree]. It was a child that I had taught multiple years and had kept in touch with. It was just exciting to be a part of a child who was so successful and who really felt like I had made an impact on their future.”

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Adam Hill of Dickerson Middle

“Student success is not demarcated by test scores and graduation rates, but rather about accomplished dreams. Furthermore, student success is about the creativity, thinking, and learning that occurs along each student’s journey.”

Maria Clark of East Side Elementary

“(My dad) went from being my P.E. teacher to my science teacher, and ultimately, principal of a K-12 school in Tennessee. Watching him take on that leadership role while handling a small community really showed me what leadership looks like ... You’re in the trenches. You’re doing the work with your people. It showed me how you can truly make a difference in a community and in someone’s life.”

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