Canton Street restaurants want parking study

A scene of  downtown Roswell’s busy Canton Street. PHOTO / JASON GETZ
A scene of  downtown Roswell’s busy Canton Street. PHOTO / JASON GETZ

Credit: Jason Getz

Credit: Jason Getz

Business owners in Roswell’s historic district want parking improvements and city leaders are listening. On Wednesday, Roswell City Council agreed to fund a parking study of Canton Street and surrounding  roads.

Restaurant owners recently made the request to Councilman Mike Palermo.

The city will ask the Downtown Development Authority to do the parking assessment.

Downtown Roswell is not only a draw for neighbors, its shops and eateries have made it a destination for visitors. Street parking is limited and two Canton Street parking lots that charge up to $5 fill quickly on weekends.

The city recently installed parking meters and considered a shuttle service to accommodate traffic flowing into the entertainment area. A parking variance that would require restaurants and shops to provide a certain amount of parking spaces is also being considered.

Councilman Matthew Tyser agrees that the Downtown Development Authority members have the expertise to provide answers to the traffic problem. “What is it that we need,” asked Tyser, while at a meeting with the Community Development and Transportation departments. “How much do we need? That’s the kind of work that they are good for.”

Council members said they want to show downtown businesses that parking is a priority.

“I think this is a critical opportunity here for the Council to say that they recognize there’s an issue and provide some support for it,” said Councilwoman Marie Willsey.