Cops: DeKalb men bought 1,000 fake $100 bills on the internet

Credit: Mark Wilson

Credit: Mark Wilson

Two Stone Mountain men were arrested in Alabama after allegedly going on a spree of passing fake $100 bills they bought online, according to the Greenville Advocate newspaper.

Crenshaw County Sheriff Mickey Powell told the paper Justin Landon Aldon, 31, and Shahal Devonte Lewis, 26, bought 1,000 counterfeit $100 bills on the dark web for $100. Last Sunday, they allegedly left Stone Mountain in a U-Haul, heading to Alabama to make transactions for which they'd get real money as change.

“They admitted to buying the counterfeits on the black web possibly via Ukraine through a bitcoin transaction,” the sheriff said. Police believe the pair could’ve also passed fake money in North Carolina and South Carolina.

In Crenshaw County alone, the men are accused of going to Dollar General, where they were caught, and several other stores in a span of 45 minutes.

Police said there were at least 30 incidents in Alabama.

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