Cobb has had 120 crashes since Wednesday afternoon

There have been more than 120 crashes in Cobb County over nearly the last 24 hours, according to county spokesman Ross Cavitt.

He said that, from 5 p.m. Wednesday to 2 p.m. Thursday, there had been 122 crashes. Of those, 10 were hit-and-runs, one of which resulted in an injury.

During that time, there had also been 81 hazardous road calls, he said.

Crews started this morning focusing more on clearing icy local roads. You can see a full list of where the workers have gotten reports of iced-over roads here.

This comes after working day and night laying down hundreds of tons of salt and more than a thousand tons of gravel to keep the county's roads safe after 1½ inches of snow fell in some parts of Cobb.

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When the sun sets, the county will have lost its best road-clearing asset.

That’s too bad because workers responded to 50 locations of reported black ice overnight. But that was when temperatures were cold enough for a hard refreeze; that shouldn’t be as much of an issue tonight.

Marietta police spokesman Charles McPhilamy said that, from 5:30 a.m. Wednesday to 10 a.m. Thursday, city cops received 186 calls for police response.

Of those, he said, there were 41 weather-related accidents and 16 motorists stranded due to weather.

“With the temperatures staying well below freezing it made the last 24-plus hours very challenging for all road crews and emergency responders,” he said.

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As of 10:30 a.m., Marietta spokeswoman Lindsey Wiles said the city had put down 50 tons of salt and 75 tons of sand. She said she sexpects both numbers to rise quite a bit as the day goes on.

Smyrna spokeswoman Jennifer Bennett said earlier that city roads, on the whole, are in good shape with “some spots here and there being the exception.”

Kennesaw’s head of public works Ricky Stewart said his team got called out to one icy intersection last night.

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They placed another 500 gallons of brine and three tons of salt mix out last evening to prepare for a refreeze.

“That kept the overnight problems to a minimum,” he said.

Stewart said at 10 a.m. that 10 percent of the city’s 175 miles of roads have ice on them that would be dangerous for drivers not paying attention.

“Those would be interior roads within heavily wooded neighborhoods and subdivisions. At this time none are totally impassible,” he said.

Nearby in West Cobb, Acworth police’s Cpl. Youlanda D. Leverette said they recieved no crash reports overnight.

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A bit more hidden than icy roads and traffic crashes are the most vulreable to the cold: those who survive outside.

Police in the City of Atlanta attribute the recent deaths of two homeless people to hypothermia.

Marietta police nor Acworth police have any reports of expsosure deaths.

Tempie Hunton, an investigator with the Cobb County medical examiner's office, said there have been no obvious exposure deaths in Cobb the past couple of days. She said they will continue to examine some bodies that came in late Wednesday to confirm.

Keep up with our running coverage of the weather here and watch WSB's broadcast here.

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