Clarkston tables vote on North DeKalb Mall annexation, town hall planned

City of Clarkston officials on Tuesday delayed a vote on a measure that would express their support for doubling the size of the small city.

The resolution would formally ask the Georgia General Assembly to endorse an annexation proposal that would expand Clarkston’s borders to include several neighborhoods that are currently unincorporated.

The city plans to host a town hall meeting with residents in the area before the next meeting, Mayor Ted Terry said. The details for the town hall have not been finalized.

Clarkston currently has about 12,700 residents and is one of DeKalb’s smallest cities. The annexation would expand Clarkston to the south and east, including parts of the Scottdale neighborhood. It would also absorb North DeKalb Mall, which is about half-vacant after a wave of store closures over the last decade.

Before the annexation happens, members of the DeKalb delegation in the Georgia Statehouse would have to pass a bill supporting it. Then, residents of the annexed areas would have to OK it through a ballot referendum.

The city included North DeKalb Mall in its proposal, Terry said, to balance the new tax revenue it would get from residential and commercial properties.

The city — known as the “most diverse square mile in America” — last expanded its boundaries in 2014 and 2015.

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