Art on the Atlanta BeltLine calls for artists

Art on the Atlanta Beltline is looking for artists to be part of the area’s largest free outdoor art exhibition. The proposal period for the 2018 exhibition is now open. Artists interested in submitting for visual or performing for the fall 2018 show have until March 16 to submit proposals. The exhibition will begin late summer/fall 2018.

Art on the Atlanta BeltLine began in the summer and fall of 2010, with exhibitions of more than 40 unique works of visual and performance art. It was envisioned as a way to encourage people to get out and explore the Atlanta BeltLine in its interim hiking state – after rails were removed, but before concrete was poured. Seeing art along the way was intended to encourage visitors to keep walking and continue exploring. The artwork proved to be a very popular feature and, by 2017, the number of selected projects had grown to include more than 100 works. View our full roster of contributing artists.

In 2017, more than 1.87 million people visited the Eastside Trail, and Atlanta BeltLine trail users are at the forefront of this year’s exhibition. Art pieces seek to enhance the visitor’s sense of discovery and adventure through street-style performances, art-making along the trails, interactive art, and works that embody navigating urban space as an experience as well as a place.

The new exhibit will include four miles of added gallery space on the newly finished Westside Trail and Eastside Trail extension. Previously, these interim hiking trails featured Art on the Atlanta BeltLine exhibits. Now, several miles of paved, multi-use trails are complete and open, making Art on the Atlanta BeltLine more accessible to all.