Actual Factual N. Fulton: Why did two Sonics abruptly close recently?

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Reader Kenneth asks: Recently as in the last few months the Sonic Drive-In locations in Woodstock and Roswell abruptly closed without warning. I know Sonic has closed other locations around Georgia over the years. Is there any way to find out why these two popular locations up and closed?

Good day, Kenneth. I understand why you’re asking, as I have fond memories of going to Sonic every summer to get a cold limeade (and I still make it there every so often).

I checked in with America's Drive-in to see what they had to say for themselves, and got word from Drew Ritger, senior vice president of development for Sonic.

I have good and bad news, Kenny (may I call you Kenny?).

Let’s start with the good...

The Woodstock drive-in actually isn’t going anywhere! It just experienced a change in ownership and is closed for an extensive remodel.

"The drive-in is scheduled to reopen in the spring upon completion of the remodel and will continue serving Sonic's signature menu items to the Woodstock community," Ritger said. It is located at 11960 Highway 92.

But would-be customers of the Roswell property, at 11105 Crabapple Road, are not so lucky. 

“We have recently closed the location in Roswell and currently have no definitive plans to reopen,” Ritger said. “It has been our privilege to serve the Roswell community, and we would like to thank all of our fans and guests.”

Unfortunately the company declined to give a reason for the closure.

The Interwebs show The Schumacher Group, an Atlanta-based real estate company, once sold the two-unit franchise.

Steven Josovitz, who represented the out of state owners in the transaction, said that was a couple years ago.

The reason the company's website gives for the sale at that time? The "absentee owner and estate of deceased partner is in Oklahoma with no ability to grow."

Josovitz has “no connection to (the) current owners” and doesn’t have these properties listed anymore, he said in an email.

Well, Kenny pal, I hope you’re happy to know the Woodstock Sonic isn’t going anywhere. And may you never forget your times with the Roswell Sonic.

Stay warm, my friends.

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