Sandy Springs mayor says city ‘prepared as we can be’ for winter storm

Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul said Friday morning the North Fulton city and its emergency crews are ready for the approaching winter storm.

Before an event to mark the “topping off” of the city’s new municipal and performing arts complex, Paul said road crews have been mobilized to keep key arteries clear for first responders as the storm prepares to dump rain, ice and snow on the metro area.

“We are as prepared as we can be,” he said. “Any time you do battle with Mother Nature she has the upper hand. We just do what we can to at least maintain the major thoroughfares and access for first responders to be able to get where they need to go.”

Sandy Springs spokeswoman Sharon Kraun said road crews have been monitoring roads in advance of the storm. A number of jurisdictions are closing schools early in advance of the storm and officials have urged motorists to stay off roads before winter precipitation arrives.

Paul said a number of factors are working in the region’s favor compared to the massive Snowjam of 2014, when tens of thousands of motorists were stranded on the region’s freeways during a snowstorm.

The impending storm will strike after typical work hours, it will hit over a weekend and most residents should be home.

“I was up walking my dog at 6:30 this morning and normally I’m dodging cars in my neighborhood as people are leaving for school and work,” he said. “There were no cars on the street and traffic has been at a minimal level.

“I don’t think we’ll have the same kinds of problems. It’s also helpful that it’s going to occur as far as we can tell after hours.”

The city also has a plan to open shelters if necessary, he said.

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