DeKalb trying to account for financial discrepancies

A $1.3 million discrepancy in DeKalb government finances is still being reviewed as the county tries to complete its audit of last year's spending.

County officials have said that no taxpayer money is missing, but the government must reconcile differences between bank and county records before the annual audit can be finished.

DeKalb's comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR) is expected to be completed by the end of this month, said spokesman Andrew Cauthen. County officials said last month they had hoped to conclude the audit by Sept. 30.

The county government’s accounting discrepancy was as high as $5.5 million in August, but that number shrunk to $1.3 million as transactions were reconciled. Several accounts required corrections, including watershed, employee benefits, risk management and general funds.

The audit of DeKalb’s 2015 finances was supposed to be done in the first six months of this year, but the state’s deadline has been extended, Cauthen said.

DeKalb County has a $1.38 billion budget for 2016.

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